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WISE CORRECTION           Page 4

V.23 ** Now that we are honorable vessels, with what must we refuse to get involved?

"...foolish and ignorant speculations..." Last week we saw how false teachers love to instigate this type of dialogue. cf. 1Timothy 6:3-5

** What reason does Paul give to Timothy for avoiding this foolish verbal exchange?

"...knowing that they produce quarrels..."

V.24 ** Remembering that Paul is instructing Timothy as to how he should lead the Ephesian church, by what title does he refer to a man in Timothy's position?

The "Lord's bond-servant". This term is used often by Paul to describe himself and others that are in positions of spiritual leadership.

** If our spiritual leaders are not to be quarrelsome, what does that say about all Christians?

We too, in following their example (1Peter 5:3), are not to be quarrelsome. For we too are the Lord's bond-servants! cf. Romans 6:21-22, 1Peter 2:16

** So if we are not to be quarrelsome with these false teachers (or their followers), how are we to respond to them?

"...kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged..." This response balances the role of peacemaker and teacher into one Godly person. We do not take their foolish attacks against God's truth personally, but rather we teach them the truth without trying to get vengeance.

V.25 ** What does this "Wise Correction" look like?

It is gentle!!! This requires humility that does not focus on self but on the Lord and the message of His truth! cf. Matthew 11:29 and 21:5 (Jesus)

** As we attempt to correct the error, what are we to remember regarding the chances of the person we are talking to hearing us?

It is up to the Lord! "...if perhaps God may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth..."

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