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Useful to the Master - Part 4

V.16 (cont'd.)

Our worshipful conduct is defined by the new direction in our life, provided by the Word.
cf. 1Peter 2:1-2

7) Training in Righteousness - This is where the rubber meets the road of our Christian life. The word of God is seen as the instrument that will train us to reflect the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Look with me to what Kind David had to say regarding our training and the word of God. All see - Psalm 119:9-16, 105-106

Our worshipful conduct increases as we are trained by the Lord, through the power of His word. cf. 2Peter 3:18

V.17 ** Having learned these seven components of "Worshipful Conduct", what is the result, fruit or outcome of such an effort?

"...that the man of God may be adequate..." The term used here for adequate is "artios" and refers to a person who is complete, capable and proficient in everything they are called to be or do. Paul spoke of this concept to the Colossians. cf. Colossians 2:10

** What does living a life of "Worshipful Conduct" equip us to do?

"...every good work"!

** If we are walking each day in humble submission to the truth of God's word, which "good works" will we be doing?

The very ones that He selected for us to do, before the world was made.
cf. Ephesians 2:10 and Titus 2:14


** Our passage for today began with a contrast, do you recall what that was?

The heretical and hypocritical life of the false teacher was held in contrast to the "known" integrity of the apostle Paul.

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