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V.18 ** What is the first thing that we notice about the personal history of such men?

They "have gone astray from the truth..."

** What does that mean about their spiritual history?

They had been around the truth, perhaps even embraced it intellectually, but then departed for fleshly appeasement. They have become apostates and it would be better for them if they had never been born! cf. Hebrews 6:4-6, Matthew 26:24

** What was at the heart of their heresy?

They were teaching "that the resurrection has already taken place". They were saying that the resurrection was spiritual at the moment of your putting faith in Christ. By denying bodily resurrection, they were destroying the very foundation of the Christian faith--denying both the reality and the implication of Christ's resurrection. (1Corinthians 15:1-24)

** What impact was their heresy having on Christians?

It was upsetting "the faith of some"! Like children who are easily fooled, we Christians can be lead astray into confusion and disobedience if we do not handle accurately the word of truth.

V.19 ** Rather than being shaken or upset, what is a better description of the church or body of believers in Christ?

"...the firm foundation of God..." This is the church! This is who we are, by the grace of God!
cf. 1Timothy 3:15

** What does that foundation do?

It stands!!! Mark that in your thinking. The truth of God's precious word causes us to stand firm against any power or lying doctrine of demonic origin. (cf. Ephesians 6:13) We have nothing to prove, the truth is the truth no matter how creative Satan gets in the diversity of his lies.

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