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V.15 ** By contrast, instead of arguing against all of the error put forth by false teachers, what are we to do?

"Be diligent...to handle "accurately the word of truth". (All see - 1Peter 3:15)

** Do we do this for the approval of others or even to please ourselves?

We work hard at being accurate with God's truth so that we might be approved by Him!
(cf. Galatians 1:10, 1Thessalonians 2:4)

Our greatest desire is to hear from Christ, "Well done, good and faithful servant"
(Matthew 25:21).

V.16 ** If we were to become engaged in "worldly and empty chatter", to what would that ultimately lead?

"...to further ungodliness..." Not only are the actions of false teachers ungodly, but engaging them in debate will cause even more ungodliness!

V.17 ** If we fail to avoid these arguments, how will that effect their impact?

"...their talk will spread like gangrene." Fast and devastating, leading to amputation or death!

** Why is that? Why does the world open itself up to the Satanic lies of false teachers?

Because men love their sin and are at war with God, so they would rather hear the doctrines of demons than the truth of God's word regarding salvation.
(cf. James 4:4 and 1John 4:1 & 5)

** Is this threat of false teachers hypothetical?

No! There were two infamous characters in their midst at the present time who were doing these
demonic deeds.

Hymenaeus - Who had been put out of the Ephesian church over one year prior to this writing, along with his partner, Alexander. (1Timothy 1:20)

Philetus - The replacement for Alexander, now a year later, in spreading their false doctrine.

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