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WORLDLY CHATTER            Page 3
V.14 (cont'd.)

** Why is it important for Timothy to remind Christians about these things?

Because our daily practice slips into forgetfulness and we need the regular encouragement that Godly reminding affords. (cf. 2Peter 1:12-15)

** After Timothy has reminded the Ephesians about "these things", what else was he to do?

"solemnly charge them in the presence of God not to wrangle about words..."

** How do we know that this was a serious charge?

The Greek term used here for "solemnly charge" [diamarturomai] is a strong verb, used here as an imperative participle, which carries the idea of a stern warning. This warning is being given in the very presence of God! As Paul confronts the evil of false teachers, he wants his readers to understand that God is involved in protecting His truth.

** Is Paul talking about the dangers of arguing over the petty issues of life?

No, the context of the following passage makes it clear that the subject matter is the truth of God's word versus the philosophy of men.

** What will happen if we engage in word wrangling with false teachers or their followers?

It is useless and only leads to the ruin of the hearers. (cf. 2Peter 3:15-16)

Just a note: The "hearers" fall into two camps, the unsaved who are turned away from the truth and the saved who are harmed by causing confusion, doubt, discouragement, and disobedience.

** What additional problem occurs when we argue the word of God against the philosophies of men?

It lends credibility the Satan's lies. "No matter how Biblically sound their arguments may be in
themselves, Christians who debate with unbelievers inadvertently allow Scripture to be considered on the same level as human wisdom." [John MacArthur]

There is no argument here. God is true, men are liars! (cf. James 3:15, Romans 3:4)

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