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Useful to the Master - Part 3



** As we desire to be "Useful to the Master", what single characteristic of men is going to present the "Widespread Challenges" to the truth of God's word?

The fact that men will continue to become "lovers of self". (V.2)


** Since we learned last week that we are to be able to administer "Wise Correction", how can understanding the list of sinful traits that we saw today better prepare us for the battle?

Remember last week that we said you could practice your response when you hear error, even when you are not directly involved? Well, in today's list, we have been enlightened about seventeen forms of error against God's word. As we realize that this is where men are coming from, we can prepare and then practice what kind of response we should have when we encounter it face to face.


** Am I willing to take the time to get prepared? That is no small question! It will require sacrifice!


** As you try to answer that question within your own heart, may I suggest how you might go about putting it into practice?

In your own time of devotion in the Word, take just two or three items from this infamous list and develop a Biblical response for what you might say to someone who says they are right for living that way.

We need to offer the lost world around us the "Wise Correction" of God's truth and if you will realize the "Widespread Challenges" coming your way every day, you just might be moved to get prepared.

** As a closing thought, this is not a homework assignment, but rather an opportunity to grow. If you were to do it and desire to share it with a brother or sister in Christ during the week or send me an e-mail, we would love to hear from you how your life is bringing glory to our gracious God.

Let's ask the Lord to prepare us for the challenges of life!

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