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V. 9 ** We know that false teachers are used by Satan to disrupt the body of Christ and even stop some people from becoming saved, but is there any limit to the damage these men can do?

Yes, "they will not make further progress..." They cannot rob God's children of their salvation. As bad as Satan's attacks are, Jesus is stronger. cf. Matthew 16:18, John 6:37 & 18:9

** Sooner or later, what becomes of the false teacher?

"...their folly will be obvious to all..."
Some contemporary examples would be Jim Jones, David Koresh, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, all of whom were removed by God.

** What about our two magician friends, how did they do?

They were total failures in opposing God!
Exodus 8:18 - "...they could not...(create gnats)"
Exodus 9:11 - "...could not stand...(boils)"

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