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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 6



** What was it in David's life that brought him back to "The Worship Perspective" that God's word calls for?

His fears and afflictions showed him, or better, reminded him of his need to seek the Lord.

** Instead of focusing on his fearful problems, what did David determine in his heart to do?

Worship the Lord! David proclaim, "I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth!"


** That should prompt our memories to be able to answer this next question. What were the three parts of "The Worship Perspective" that we learned in this study?

1.) Determination to Worship - V. 1-7

2.) Desire to Worship - V. 8-14

3.) Divine View of Worship - V. 15-22


** Where do you find yourself today? Are you absolutely determined to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in everything you think, say and do? Does that determination help you to develop an even greater desire to worship the Lord? Are you thankful to God for His merciful and divine view of our worship?


** It would be most fitting for us to bring this series to an end by proving that we have learned "The Ultimate Priority - Worship", because we are always maintaining "The Worship Perspective".

We need to let God's loving Holy Spirit challenge us to focus this next week on one or all three parts of this wonderful perspective in such a way that it will overflow onto the lives of those around us.

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