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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 6

V. 5-7 (cont'd.)

** How do we know that all of this wonderful blessing is bestowed upon believers only?

Because it is granted to "those who fear Him"!(V.7)

Well it is good to see that David has a "Determination to Worship", even in the midst of trials. But it gets better as we see him develop a "Desire to Worship" in verses 8-14.

Verses 8-14

V. 8 ** In order for mankind to develop a "Desire to Worship" the Lord Jesus Christ, what are they going to have to do?

"...taste and see that the Lord is good..." Only by internalizing a relationship with Christ will we start to desire to worship Him. cf. Jeremiah 15:16

** This internalizing of Christ is a two way street! Not only do we accept Christ "into" our lives, but where do we hide our lives for protection from the world?

"...in Him..."!

V. 9 ** As our desire for true worship grows, what attitude will dominate the worship of a mature saint?

Fear, a reverential awe of almighty God!

** How does God respond to those who fear Him?

He completely provides for them, so that "there is no want."

V.10 ** What about the "young lions" or in today's vernacular "macho men" who do not desire to worship the Lord?

They will "lack and suffer hunger".

** How about those who seek the Lord?

Again, they shall not be in want of any good thing.

V.11 ** A proper "Desire to Worship" is also very contagious, what does David now do with his own growing desire?

He invites others to come and listen to him.

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