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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 6



** Today, as our series comes to an end, we have the privilege of looking over the shoulder of David as he pens the marvelous 34th psalm. All that we have been learning about "The Ultimate Priority - Worship" comes to a joyous crescendo as David teaches us about "The Worship Perspective".

Please join me in Psalm 34 as once again we are blessed to share in God's precious Word together.

Opening Prayer

The Worship Perspective


This amazing Psalm will not only teach us "The Worship Perspective", but it will break that perspective down into three parts for us, making it even easier to apply. We will be learning from David about his:

1) Determination to Worship - Vs. 1-7
2) Desire to Worship - Vs. 8-14

and God's

3) Divine View of Worship - Vs. 15-22

Before we actually get into this Psalm, it would be good for us to understand some of the historical background behind it. As David ran in fear for his life from Saul, he fled to Gath and was recognized. He now is in fear of Abimelech, which was the dynastic designation (like that of Pharaoh) for King Achish of Gath. (cf. 1Samuel 21:10-22:1)

Alright then, knowing that David's soul was often in fear and anguish, let's begin our look at this marvelous Psalm to see first of all David's "Determination to Worship".

Verses 1-7

V. 1 ** Looking at the opening two words of this Psalm, what does David say to express his "Determination to Worship", even in the midst of a fearful situation?

"I will . . ." The Psalms often instructed the writer himself (and us by default) as to the proper manner by which we should respond to the faithfulness of our God. cf. Psalm 42:5,11, 43:5, 103:1-2, 104:1, 116:7 and to summarize Psalm 54:4

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