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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 5


Galatians 5:22-26

V.22 ** How many fruits does the Holy Spirit produce in us?

One! This is a package deal. We get all or none! Unlike the deeds of the flesh in verses 19-21, in which we may only partially partake, here the word for "fruit" (karpos) is singular and implies we get it all in one package.

** How did Jesus feel about us producing fruit?

He wanted us to produce much fruit and by it we would glorify our Father in heaven.
cf. John15:8

** If there is only one fruit, how many manifestations of that fruit are listed here?

Nine. As a footnote, who's fruit is this, ours? NO! Only the Holy Spirit can produce this in us!

** What is the first manifestation of His fruit?

1) Love - "agape" this reflects a personal choice, a willing, self-giving service.
cf. Romans 5:8, John15:13

As is true of each of these manifestations, they not only display the reality of our salvation, they are commanded in Scripture. cf. Ephesians 5:2

** What is the next manifestation of the Holy Spirit?

2) Joy - "chara" happiness that is based on spiritual realities. Nehemiah 8:10, 1Peter 1:8

** Next is peace, how does that relate to joy?

3) Peace - Joy is the condition of the heart, Peace refers to the tranquility of the mind set on Christ. Both have no relationship to circumstances. cf. Romans 8:28

** What's fourth in our list?

4) Patience "makrothumia" this one is heavy! It carries the idea of "tolerance and longsuffering that will endure injuries inflicted by others, it is the calm willingness to accept situations that are irritating or painful". (John MacArthur)

Can you see why this cannot be our fruit, but only the Holy Spirit's as He brings glory to the Father?

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