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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 4

WORSHIPPING THE SON            Page 7

V.39 ** How does Jesus summarize the spiritual significance of what had taken place physically?

The judgment of God is that those who do not see, but are willing to repent, will be given spiritual sight. However, those who are proud, though they can see physically, will be blinded spiritually.

V.40 ** How did the Pharisees respond to that terrible news?

"You are not talking about us, are You?"

V.41 ** What is the tragic answer?

Yes, as long as they were depending upon their own righteousness, their sin would remain.


** What prevented the Pharisees from "Worshipping the Son"?

1) Spiritual arrogance 2) Lack of integrity 3) Unable to see that Jesus was the Light
4) Not recognizing Him as Lord of the Sabbath 5) Not knowing that Jesus was sent from God


** How many of these spiritual errors are we capable of falling into as a Christian?

All of them! If we live our life in disobedience to His Word and Will, we are making the same error.


** Do you find that you are "Worshipping the Son" by keeping your daily lifestyle in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ? Can you be like the man who said, "Lord, I believe" and he worshipped Him?


** Dear Lord Jesus, forgive my spiritual arrogance when I have lived indifferently to the pain that you have suffered for me. Teach me to worship you by letting "the word of Christ richly dwell within me" and then obeying your expressed will for my life. Amen!

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