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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 4


JESUS IS FROM GOD - (V.24-26) (V.27-29) (V.30-34)

V.24 ** By what contrived method do the Pharisees hope to "glorify God"?

By forcing the man who was healed to admit that Jesus was a sinner.

V.25 ** How do we see the integrity of this man?

He simply states what he knows, the truth! He still has not seen Jesus, but he knows that he is no longer blind because of what Jesus did!

V.26 ** How does the next question by the Pharisees expose their lack of integrity?

They had already asked that question (V.15), but they were not interested in the truth, so they did not hear the answer, because they were looking for a way to trap Jesus in the offense of breaking their traditions.

V.27 ** How is the man's answer different from the last time he was asked this by the Pharisees?

He challenges the integrity of the Pharisees who, "...did not listen" and then turns the tables on them by asking, "...why do you want to hear it again, you do not want to become His disciples too, do you?"

V.28 ** Did that response sit very well with the Pharisees?

No! They "reviled" him. (loidoreo - to abuse) They "abused" him by saying "You are His disciple" all the time claiming to be the disciples of Moses.

V.29 ** What truth do the Pharisees relate to Moses?

That God has spoken to Moses!

** What did they not know about Jesus?

"...we do not know where He is from."

V.30 ** How did that sit with the "spiritually" common man, who stood before these pious Pharisees?

He was amazed (and very sarcastic!), in light of the miracle performed! The blind man could see the truth about where Jesus was from, but the sighted men were blind!
cf. John 3:2, 6:38, 7:28, 8:42, 13:3-4

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