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** How was this miracle received by those who had known the blind man all his life?

Some believed - Verses 8,9
Some rejected - Verses 9,10,12

** How was it received by the blind man himself?

He believed, and for the first time in his life he "received sight". - V. 11 Jesus was the light to this man, both physically and (as we shall see) spiritually.

In this next section we are going to watch how the spiritual leaders hypocritically protected their "traditions" at the cost of missing "the works of God".

JESUS IS LORD OF THE SABBATH - (V.13-16) (V.17-19) (V.20-23)

V.13 ** After joyfully receiving his sight, how is the life of this man effected?

He is forcibly drag before the Pharisees.

V.14 ** What do we learn about the timing of this miracle?

Jesus had performed it on the Sabbath.

** What two things did Jesus do on the Sabbath?

1) "Jesus made the clay" 2) "and opened his eyes"

V.15 ** What do the Pharisees want to know from this man?

If Jesus broke the Sabbath (V.16), they do not care about the man receiving his sight!
cf. Matthew 23:4 (Hold for future reference)

** How does the man answer the question?

With an accurate account of what happened.

V.16 ** To what conclusion did some of the Pharisees come to based on his answer?

"[Jesus]...is not from God, because He does not keep the Sabbath."

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