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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 4


JESUS IS THE LIGHT - Read passage (V.1-5) (V.6-9) (V.10-12)

V. 1-2

** As the scene opens for us in this study, Jesus and His disciples come across a man born blind. What error in judgment do the disciples make?

That a birth defect is directly related to the sin of one's life or of one's family life.

** Does the focus of the disciple's question represent a forward or backward look at this man?

Backward! They wanted to know how he got that way.

V. 3 ** How was the perspective of Jesus different?

He shifts their attention to a forward look by saying, "...it was in order that the works of God might be displayed in him" in order to help him.

** How important were the works of God, which Jesus continually performed?

They were the verification that He was the Truth! cf. John 10:37-38

V. 4 ** How important is it for Christians to be doing the work of the Lord while there is still time?

"WE MUST work the works of Him who sent [Jesus]..."

** For how long?

"...as long as it is day..." (while we are living)
"...night is coming..." (death) cf. John 19:30

V. 5 ** What phrase does Jesus use to further describe the time known as "as long as it is day"?

"While I am in the world..." Redeem the time!

** What was Jesus to do with His time?

He was "the light of the world" cf. John 1:4, 8:12, 12:46


** How does Jesus turn the physical problem of the blind man into a demonstration of the spiritual reality of the light?

By calling for the man's obedience and curing his blindness in the process.

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