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** Finally, this lesson by the Lord on "Worshipping the Father" concludes with an all important application opportunity for the forgiveness taught back in verse twelve. It comes in both a positive and negative mode. First the positive, if we are people who by virtue of our new nature are forgiving men their transgressions against us, how will our Heavenly Father view our transgressions against Him?

He will forgive us!

** Now from the negative, if we deny who we claim to be as children of God by failing to forgive, what will be God's response?

He will not forgive us our debts!

Every believer must seek to manifest the forgiving spirit of Joseph (Genesis 50:19-21) and of Stephen (Acts 7:1 and 51-60), because it reflects how our Heavenly Father has forgiven us.

** In this passage there are six petitions to the Lord, why do you suppose He chose forgiveness as a postscript to His teaching on worship?

It is in forgiving that we most emulate our Father who is in Heaven and thereby enjoy a close personal fellowship with God through "Worshipping the Father".


** What is the purpose of our worship of the Father?

To bring Him glory!

** What must happen to my will before I can truly worship my Heavenly Father?

It must be joyfully subject to His, so that I will be available to go where He sends me.

** How much in my life am I to view as coming from Him?

Everything! It is worship in spirit and truth to thank the Father for providing every element of our life.

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