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V.11 ** What does God provide for His worshippers?

"...our daily bread..."

** Besides the obvious nourishment that we receive from God through the food He provides, how is God glorified by this request?

This petition draws our hearts to a dependency upon the One who alone can sustain our life! He gives us food, health, weather, home, wife, children, government, His Word and salvation. cf. James 1:17.


V.12 ** The next truth portrayed in this masterpiece of worship, affords us access to God, our Father, what is it?

God's Pardon! The term used here for debts is "opheilema" and refers to a moral or spiritual debt in twenty-five of the thirty times it is found in the New Testament. We worship God, our Father, when we ask Him to forgive our debt of missing the mark of His righteousness.
cf. Proverbs 28:13

** What will be our heart's attitude toward others, if we are genuinely thankful for God forgiving our sin?

We, also, will be forgiving of others! cf. Ephesians 4:32, Colossians 3:12-13


V.13 ** How does God protect those who worship Him?

1) By not leading them into temptation. cf. James 1:13
2) But delivering them from evil. cf. James 4:7, Psalm 119:11, John 17:15


V.13 ** In order for us to worship our Heavenly Father we must hold a proper view of His preeminence. How does the end of this verse do that?

It is a doxology which ascribes to God alone the greatness of His kingdom, power and glory!

** Do you suppose that the Old Testament saints were aware of the Father's preeminence?

Absolutely yes! cf. 1Chronicles 29:11

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