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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 2

WORSHIP AS A WAY OF LIFE            Page 6

V.39 ** What was the preoccupation of Mary?

To listen to the Lord Jesus Christ. Even to the point of sitting right at His feet!

V.40 ** What was Martha preoccupied with?

"...all her preparations"

** How does Martha's concern reflect her view of Jesus?

At this time, she is out of balance and is more concerned for her own plan than the words of Jesus!

V.41 ** How does the Lord respond to her request?

With a rebuke!

V.42 ** What commendation does he bestow on Mary?

"...Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken from her". Just a footnote, Martha
learned her lesson, cf. John 11:27


** What are the three dimensions in which our worship of God is to be made manifest?

Outward, Inward and Upward!


** How can I know that my way of life is worshipful?

If I maintain a loving view of others, a holy walk with the Lord, and a non-distracted devotion to Christ and His word, my way of life will become worshipful!


** Am I lacking in any one of these three dimensions of worship? How can I best refine my desire to worship the Lord Jesus Christ?


** Lord help me to love my brothers and sisters, which you have accepted, help me to keep my way pure before Thee and help me to be more devoted to Your Word that I may worship you as a way of life!

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