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The Ultimate Priority - Worship . . . Part 2

WORSHIP AS A WAY OF LIFE          Page 5

V.10 ** For those who will seriously consider the impact that worship is to have on our Inward Dimension, what will become the passion of our heart?

"...trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord"!

** How are you doing in developing that passion? What are you doing to cause it to grow each day?

Hopefully we are "Staying in the Word" and applying it to our walk with the Lord each day!

Alright, we have seen the Outward Dimension of worship and the Inward Dimension, what about the Upward Dimension? What is it comprised of and how are we to approach it?


V.15 ** Let's begin with the components of our worship as it is directed to God. How often does the Lord expect us to worship Him?


** What cost factor is our worship to have?

It is to be sacrificial!

** What is the attitude of our worship?


** And finally, what do we say to the Lord?

Thank you, thank you, thank you...to His name!

** Secondly, how do we approach true worship of God?

"Through Him then,..." The Upward Dimension of our worship is only acceptable if we come through a saving relationship to Jesus!

For one of the best examples of this kind of worshipful devotion to Jesus, let's close our study by learning from Mary in Luke 10:38-42. Read passage.

The setting is in Bethany, about two miles outside of Jerusalem (cf. John 11:18) and the sisters of Lazarus welcome Jesus into their home.

Let's pick it up in verse 39...

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