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V. 1 ** In his letter to the Romans, Paul has masterfully portrayed the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it makes both Jew and Greek into one new creature (Romans 3:21- 23, Galatians 3:28). Here in chapter 14, Paul is aware of some differences that could divide the body of Christ and addresses them with urgency.
cf. John 13:34-35

What are we to do with someone who is weak in faith, according to Paul?

"...accept the one who is weak in faith..." If we hope to worship God in a Biblical manner, it must be first observable in the "Outward Dimension" by how we treat one another in the fear of the Lord. cf. Ephesians 5:21

** Who is the "weak" one in this verse?

It is the Jewish believer in Jesus Christ, who has found it difficult to let go of all the traditions, while his Gentile brother has no problem living his life in the freedom that Christ purchased for us.

V. 2 ** Paul is going to list some non-moral preferences that could cause a division, while at the same time he is going to give us four reasons to accept our weaker brother. Here in verse two, what is the first preferential difference that existed between some Jewish and Gentile Christians?

Dietary Laws! "...but he who is weak eats vegetables only..." cf. Daniel 1:8, 12-13

V. 3 ** What two attitudes towards our brothers and sisters, must we avoid if we hope to worship Biblically?

Contemptuous and judgmental attitudes!

** Why? What is the first reason given for accepting our brother who has not grown as much as we, or maybe has grown even more than we?

"...for God has accepted him"!

V. 4 ** Even if we rightly observe that someone is a weak brother or sister, what is the second reason for
accepting them according to the end of verse four?

"...for the Lord is able to make him stand".
cf. Psalm 37:23-24, Jude - verses 24-25

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