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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 5

1JOHN                                         Page 6


** What were the five Biblical views of love that we have learned today?

View #1 - Love is the beginning!
View #2 - Love is the companion of true saving faith.
View #3 - Love is from God
View #4 - Love is a debt that we owe.
View #5 - Love is perfected in us, to God's glory!


** Since I know that I belong to Jesus Christ, it is a fair question to ask, "Am I really the loving person that He has created me to be?" What is the number one problem that interferes with my being obedient to the command to love one another?

It is pride, ego, conceit, selfishness, self pity, self, self, self!


** Lord help me to truly live out the one anothers that You have taught me over the past four weeks, fueled by the love of God, which never fails, so that I will live for Your glory.

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