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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 5

1JOHN                                         Page 5
V.11 (cont'd.)

** In the light of such unselfish love and personal sacrifice, what is our obligatory response?

"we also ought to love one another"

The word ought, "opheilo" lit. "to owe" means that this response is expected, normal and even a joyful obligation on the part of one who has received so much from God in the person of Jesus Christ! cf. Romans 13:8

View #4 - Love is a debt that we owe.

V.12 ** Finally, since God is invisible, how can the unsaved world around us see Him?

"...if we love one another, God abides in us" - Men and women around us will see the love of God in our hearts. They will actually experience our increasing and abounding overflow of love, as they get close enough to us to see God! cf. 1Thessalonians 3:12

** What is the outcome of our lives if we will obey this command of Christ?

"His love is perfected in us" The word perfected "teleioo" means; "to bring to an end, to complete, to perfect" and comes from a root word meaning "having reached its end".

When God pours His love into our hearts at the moment of salvation and we then love one another with that love, the unsaved world can see God in us and His love "has reached its end", because He then calls that individual into a saving relationship with Himself and the process starts all over again. To God be the glory! cf. John 13:34-35

View #5 - Love is perfected in us, to the glory of God!


** What was the twofold fruit of a real relationship with Jesus Christ?

1) We have fellowship with one another! Christian to Christian and Christian with God.

2) The blood of Jesus His Son, cleanses us from all sin.
(Thus true salvation through knowing Christ)

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