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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 5

1JOHN                                         Page 2

Here in 1John he is primarily dealing with a cultish attack on the body of Christ know as Gnosticism. From the Greek word "gnostikos", meaning knowledge, this group believed that all matter was evil and that salvation comes through knowledge. They developed a system of spiritual "holier-than-thouness" by saying that their sin in the body was of no consequence (the body being evil) and that their spirit had risen to a higher plain of knowledge and understanding.

To combat this heresy, John penned this first epistle. Let's begin with the first one another command for today found in verse seven, buy reading verses 5-10.

Read passage (V.5-7) (V.8-10)

V. 6 ** Could someone put into their own words what kind of lifestyle is being described in this verse?

Hypocrisy! While claiming to "know" God, the every day "walk" of the individual is in total darkness.

** As the apostle views that hypocritical lifestyle, what is his conclusion?

Those who do so "lie and do not practice the truth"

V. 7 ** The next verse invites all men to enjoy a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. What metaphor is used to describe our daily life?

"...walk in the light"

** Who are we like when this happens to us?

God Himself, "as He Himself is in the light"

** What is the twofold fruit of that real relationship with the Lord God?

1) We have fellowship with one another! Christian to Christian and Christian with God.

2) The blood of Jesus His Son, cleanses us from all sin.
(Thus true salvation through knowing Christ)

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