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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 4

HEBREWS, JAMES, 1PETER            Page 4
V.24 (cont'd.)

** Which word in this verse indicates the amount of thoughtfulness behind our obedience to the command?

"Consider" This eliminates the "crank it out in the flesh" approach to Christian behavior. We need to genuinely consider the needs, hurts and joys of our fellow believers so that we can stimulate them to live out the love and good deeds that God planned for them from before the foundation of the world. cf. Ephesians 2:10

Please join me now in the epistle from James, chapter 4:11.

V.11 ** Up until now we have seen positive commands that would change our behavior into Christ honoring patterns. How is this next command different?

3) "Do not speak against one another" - James now shifts gears for us, by teaching us what to not do he is able to accomplish the same effect.

** What is the problem with speaking against a brother?

The word speak against is "katalaleo" and means to slander. James is telling us to not slander our brothers behind their backs, because we are making ourself judge of them as well as of the Law. That makes us equal with The Law Giver, Jesus Christ, who alone is the Judge.

Next in chapter 5:9 -

V. 9 ** What is the next thing to avoid in living with one another?

4) Complaining...against one another! This really strikes at the heart of the problem. Through our sinful complaining we can end up slandering those for which Christ died!

** What reason does James give to avoid this behavior?

The Judge (Christ) is standing right at the door. The grumbling sinner is just a heartbeat away from standing before the Judge.

V.16 ** This next two commands call for abject humility and pure transparency. If we do sin against each other, what two things are we supposed to do?

5) "Confess your sins to one another"
6) "Pray for one another"

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