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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 4

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Please join me in the letter to the Hebrews as we begin our study for today. In chapter 3, verses 12 and 13, the writer introduces our next one another command.

As we look into this passage, remember that this epistle was written to three distinct groups of individuals. Hebrew Christians; Hebrew non-Christians who were intellectually convinced about Christ, but not willing to make a commitment of faith in Him; and Hebrew non-Christians who were not convinced. For the last two groups, this letter is a loving call to believe in the gospel.

V.12 ** Do you see the admonition as this verse begins?

Take care - "blepo" lit. means "to look" and has been translated; be on guard, behold, beware, careful, take heed, see to it.

** To whom is this admonition being given?

"brethren" - This is not referring to Christians, as is "holy brethren" in 3:1. Here it refers to racial brethren, unbelieving Jews who were in disparate need of salvation.

** What is the greatest sin of all?

The sin of unbelief. It is the greatest offense against God and brings the greatest harm to us.
cf. Matthew 12:31-32

** Where does that sin reside?

In "an evil, unbelieving heart"

** If a person hardens their heart against the truth of the gospel, where will it end up leading them?

"falling away from the living God"

V.13 ** With that disparate state of man as the back drop, what is our next one another command?

1) "encourage one another"

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