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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 3



** What twofold request is Paul making here?

1. That we "appreciate" those who diligently labor among you. The word oida means "to have seen" or "perceived", hence - "to know".

We need to watch their lives, know who they are, how they think and copy their faith.
cf. Hebrews 13:7

2. That we esteem them very highly in love.

** What is the "One Another" command that Paul gives us at the end of this verse which will be the fulfilling of his twofold request?

9) "Live in peace with one another"

** How does that fulfill his request?

By living in peace with one another we bear the fruit of their instruction as well as copy the godly pattern we have come to know by watching their lives.


** Earlier in this study we learned to:

1) "regard one another as more important than ourselves".

What was the action we were to take that would teach us how to do that?

"Look out" for or anticipate the needs of others.


** What were the remaining "One Another" commands that we need to be mindful of this week?

2. Do not lie, 3. bear with [endure mistreatment without retaliation], 4. teach and admonish,
5. abound in love, 6. comfort, 7. encourage, 8. build up and 9. live in peace

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