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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 2


For our next "one another" please join me in Galatians, chapter 5. Here Paul addresses our freedom from the law and legalism as a means of salvation, but warns us to not turn that freedom into an opportunity for the flesh to gain a sinful control over us. Let's pick up his instruction in verse 13.

V.13 ** Here an often repeated doctrine is again mentioned, how does Paul say that we are saved?

"you were called..." The doctrine of election.

** What are we to avoid?

Taking our position in Christ for granted and giving our flesh an opportunity to lead us into sinful behavior.

** What are we commanded to do instead?

2) "...serve one another"

** What is the vehicle by which that service is best rendered?

"through love" Do you recall the attitude we saw last time that would enable us to not compromise this command to serve one another?

Humility! Humility! Humility! cf. Romans 12:3

The very next chapter, here in Galatians, contains our next instruction on "one anotherhood".

Chapter 6 -
V. 2 ** What are we to do for each other?

3) "Bear one another's burdens..."

That phrase contains two powerful words. The first is bastazo - to take up, carry and is in the present tense, meaning that we are to continually be doing this. And the second is baros - a weight which implies that we are going to have to be close enough to our brothers and sisters to know what it is that is weighing them down. This goes way beyond any superficial type of relationship.

** When we do this, what are we fulfilling?

"...the law of Christ." which is the law of love. cf. Galatians 5:14, Romans 13:8, 10

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