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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 2


V.22 ** What is Paul referring to when he says, "on the contrary"?

The statement made in verse 21 by one member of the body regarding another...
"I have no need of you".

** What is wrong with that statement according to Paul, here in verse 22?

"it is much truer that the members of the body which seem to be weaker are necessary..."


** How are we to treat the "unseemly" members of the body of Christ?

V.23 - "we bestow more abundant honor"
V.24 - "giving more abundant honor"

** What is an unseemly member?

The word used here for unseemly is aschemon and means lit. "shapeless". Its usage here is referring to the members of the body of Christ who are not high profile or in the forefront of public view. Their use is a "behind the scenes" kind of effort that is to be held in more abundant honor.

V.25 ** When these members are so honored, what is avoided?

"division in the body"

** This leads us to the first one another command for today. What are we to do for each other that will insure the absence of division?

1) "have the same care for one another"

** What are some ways of caring for other Christians?

Praying, feeding, clothing, comforting, sharing, talking, spending time, listening, admonishing.

** What does the word "same" imply?

Again, from last time, show no partiality! Don't limit yourself to caring for just your favorite brothers and sisters in the Lord, but remain open to whomever He brings across your path.
(Romans 12:16)

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