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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 1

ROMANS            Page 3

V. 3 ** Please read this verse and give me in one word the attitude required for not compromising God's word in the face of daily temptations.

Humility. Realizing that all that we are is by God's grace, even the measure of faith that He has
allotted to us.

V. 4 ** From what analogy in life is Paul borrowing to make his point about how believers interact?

The human body, it has members or parts but they all work together for the benefit of the body, and all share in their importance. All see - 1Corinthians 12:12-25

Now back in Romans 12 -

V. 5 ** What is the overarching principle in the study of "The One Anothers of the New Testament"?

We are..."individually members one of another".

** How does an attitude of humility (V.3) become useful when allowed to blossom in this truth?

The more that I humbly acknowledge the other members of the body of Christ to be part of God's design the more I will be like Jesus Himself.

V.10 ** The first two commands regarding one another come from verse ten and each have a qualifier. What is the first one and how is it qualified?

(1) "Be devoted to one another..." The word "devoted" used only hear, is philostorgos from two Greek words.

philos - beloved, dear, friendly
storge - family affection

and means tenderly loving or devoted.

** And what was the qualifier?

"...in brotherly love." from philadelphos, the word is philadelphia and means "the love of brothers"

** What was the second command"

(2) "give preference to one another" Instead to whom? Instead to yourself!

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