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The One Anothers of the New Testament - Part 1

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** Please turn in your Bibles to Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 12. This epistle is considered to be the best presentation of the gospel in all of Holy Scripture. Men like Martin Luther, John Wesley, John Calvin, William Tyndale and Donald Grey Barnhouse all had their lives and the world around them drastically impacted by this marvelous epistle.

After eleven chapters doctrine, including how men are saved from the damning consequence of their sin, Paul now turns to the very practical living pattern of a truly born again individual.

Romans 12:1-5

V. 1 ** How do you suppose Paul feels about what he is about to say?

It is very important, even urgent..."I urge you"

** What action is Paul urging us to do every day of our lives?

"present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice"

** Is that some bazaar or abnormal pattern for a child of God?

No! "...which is your spiritual service of worship"

V. 2 ** How do the words "No Compromise" fit Paul's commands in verse two?

1. We are not to be found in form or fashion to be like the world (a space of time or age).
2. We are to renew our mind.
3. We are to prove, by our lifestyle, what God's good and acceptable and perfect will is.

All of that will require that we obey His word at all times with "No Compromise" with the world's system around us.

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