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The Grace of Godliness - Part 4

THE HUMILITY OF GRACE            Page 6

V.11 ** Occasionally the writers of Scripture become overwhelmed with the reality of what they have written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and they will pause to break out in praise. We call that a doxology, what is it that has overwhelmed Peter?

God's power as a ruling, creator God! "To Him be dominion forever and ever"! Peter expresses again the worship which he had stated in chapter 4, V.11.

One of our Lord's brothers, Jude, does the same in his epistle in verses 24-25, as does the apostle John in the book of Revelation, 1:6, 5:13.

** How does Peter draw us into this expression of worship?

By concluding with an "Amen", he is stating that "truly" or "most assuredly" what has been stated shall come to pass!


** What is to be our response to all that our Lord has done for us, according to the command Peter gave us?

We must worship the God of all power and grace, by humbling ourselves before Him.

** From verse seven, what practical step did Peter give us to manifest our new humble spirit?

Cast all your anxiety upon Him! Trust in the Lord!


** Even if we must suffer at times in this life, what will our God be faithful to personally do for us?

V.10 - 1) perfect 2) confirm 3) strengthen 4) establish


** Are you truly humble before the Lord? Are you willing to obey Him and trust in His care for you?


** Lord, may your "Grace of Godliness" produce in me the image of Jesus Christ, as I humbly submit to your design for my life.

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