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The Grace of Godliness - Part 4

THE HUMILITY OF GRACE            Page 2

The Humility of Grace


V. 6 ** What is our foremost "duty", as a Christian, in response to all that we have received by God's grace?

"Humble yourselves..." [tapeinothete] This word is an aorist imperative, indicating a duty that calls for immediate attention!

** Who is the one to do this command and to whom is it being done?

We are to obey this command by humbling ourselves.

** The reflective nature of the very next word here in verse six, gives us the "enticement" for obeying this command, what is it?

By using the word "therefore", Peter reflects back upon the statement he has just made in verse five.
Enticement - "...for God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble".

** According to verse five, when we humble ourselves, what do we receive from God?

More of God's grace!

** Looking at verse six, what is the "environment" of this command?

Environment - "...under the mighty hand of God..."
All see - Hebrews 10:26-31

V.26 - "knowledge" [epignosis] is more than just a passing acquaintance with the gospel, this person knows it well, intellectually, but has no heart!

V.27 - Instead of receiving a sacrifice for their sin, they have a "certain terrifying expectation of judgment".

V.28 - Old Testament Israelites who willfully rejected the Mosaic Law, were under the penalty of death. What could be worse than that?

V.29 - In the church age, people who knowingly reject the gospel by continuing to sin, reject the Trinity!

The Father "...trampled under foot the Son of God..."
The Son "...regarded as unclean the blood..."
The Spirit "...has insulted the Spirit of grace..."

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