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The Grace of Godliness - Part 3

THE GLORY OF GRACE            Page 2

The Glory of Grace


V. 1 ** Paul wrote to his beloved Ephesian church around 60 A.D. and reminds them of the reason that they can trust totally in what he is about to say, what was that reason?

He was "...an apostle of Christ Jesus..."

** Was that by his design?

No! It was "by the will of God" cf. Galatians 1:1, 15-16

** What two ways does Paul commend the Ephesian believers in verse one?

1) saints - "holy ones" positional righteousness
2) faithful - practical righteousness

V. 2 ** What two blessings does he bestow upon them?

1) grace - God's kindness on undeserving sinners
2) peace - God's forgiveness, calming our souls

** An important note here, did you notice from whom we receive this marvelous grace and peace?

From "God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ".
The little word "and" [kai] indicates that these blessings do not come from two sources, but one. Here it indicates that the Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father are both deity.

V. 3 - 14

This masterpiece is comprised of only one sentence in the original Greek language. It not only is going to teach us about "The Glory of Grace", but it will also show us the past, present and future aspects of our salvation. In addition, those same three aspects will portray all three Persons of the Trinity, as we see the role of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit beautifully described.

V. 3 ** What does Paul say about the very nature of God, our Father?

He is "blessed" or good. We derive our word "eulogy" from eulogeo, the word used for blessed.
A eulogy is a declaration of a person's goodness and Paul is here declaring the goodness of God.

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