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The Grace of Godliness - Part 2

THE GIFT OF GRACE            Page 5

V.16 ** What is the next difference between these two types?

Judgment arose from one sin, causing condemnation. But, the free gift (of grace) arose from everyone's lifetime of endless sins, and resulted in our just ification!

V.17 ** Paul now gives us the third difference between Adam and Christ, what is it?

Adam's one sin put death reigning over man. "Much more" did Christ accomplish by causing us to reign in life with Him over sin. cf. Romans 6:17-18

** We cannot leave this verse without noticing the very reason for studying this chapter. Did anyone see what "The Gift of Grace" is?

It is the gift of "righteousness". When God looks at us who have believed on Jesus Christ, He sees the perfect righteousness of our Lord instead of our sin.

V.18 - 19

** Difference number four has to do with the essence of mankind, based upon who it is that impacts their life. In verse 18, Paul summarizes the point he has been making about Adam effecting the world and Jesus also effecting the world - read verse.

But looking at verse 19, what word is used to show us that the very essence of man was changed by the impact of Adam and can be changed by Jesus?

"...many were made sinners..." through Adam
"...many will be made righteous..." through Jesus
"kathistemi" constituting cf. 2Corinthians 5:21

V.20 ** Our situation, as the human race, was very bleak before the Law was given, how did it change once we received God's Law through Moses?

It got worse! "...the Law came in that the transgression might increase..."

** When sin increased, what did God do?

He had His grace "abound all the more"!

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