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The Grace of Godliness - Part 1


The Confession of Grace


** The apostle Paul has written to his beloved church in Corinth in an effort to correct the sweeping damage caused by the influence of the sinful world around them and by false teachers, who's design was to bring discredit to Paul's reputation and replace his inspired teaching with their own, self-serving doctrines. The result was these two letters that we have today known as first and second Corinthians.

Here in chapter 15 of 1Corinthians, Paul addresses the most poignant of all the problems of the church in Corinth. That is, the truth about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the resurrection of Christ that makes Christianity different from the religions and philosophies of the world. As we drop in on his discussion of this very important topic, we are going to hear Paul's "Confession of Grace".

V. 1 ** What is it that Paul wanted to make clear in the minds of the Corinthian believers?

"...the gospel..."

** How did the Corinthians hear this gospel?

Paul had "preached" it to them for a year and a half (cf. Acts 18:11).

** What was their two-fold response?

They "received" it and they were taking there spiritual "stand" upon it. The changed lives of the
Corinthian Believers was the first witness Paul calls upon to verify the Resurrection.

V. 2 ** What was the outcome of Paul's preaching and the Corinthians believing the gospel?

"...by which also you are saved..."

** Did you notice a qualifier to Paul's statement about how they were saved?

"...if you hold fast the word which I preached..."

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