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Trusting During the Storm - Part 3



** What were some of the reactions displayed by the sailors, to the storm that threatened their life?

1) They jettisoned their worldly goods. (V.18)

2) They threw away the "tackle" needed for guiding the ship. (V.19)

3) They abandoned all hope of survival. (V.20)

4) They lost their appetite. (V.21)


** How was Paul's reaction different?

1) He was not afraid, thus the instruction to avoid becoming fearful like the others on the boat.

2) He was convinced of the sovereignty of God and knew that he was to go to Rome, because of the Lord Himself giving him instructions back in chapter 23:11.

3) He was "Trusting with all his heart" and boldly proclaimed to the unsaved world around him, "I believe God".

4) His belief was not just in the generalities of life but in every detail turning out in the very center of God's will.


** What advantage did Paul have for remaining calm in the midst of this storm?

God Himself had told Paul what was going to happen!

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