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Trusting During the Storm - Part 3

V.20 (cont'd.)

** Do you think that they knew where they were?

No, for many days they had not seen any of them.

** What was the only conclusion left to them, while being completely lost with no knowledge available to correct the situation?

They were not going to be saved!

** Can we get this hopeless during the storms of our life?

Yes we can, if we take our eyes off of the light of His Word, which is designed to navigate our way through the trials of life.

V.21 ** What natural response does the human body have to the fear that is produced by terrorizing circumstances?

The loss of appetite! "...they had gone a long time without food..."

** Is Paul resorting to an "I told you so"?

No, he is reminding them of the warning that he had given them back in verse 10, so as to establish his authority for what he is about to say.

V.22 ** How does Paul display his Christ honoring love and care for these fearful sailors?

He says, "...I urge you to keep up your courage"

** What is the reason for his hopefulness?

"...there shall be no loss of life among you, but only the ship..."

V.23 ** How does Paul use this life-threatening storm as an evangelical tool?

He declares to the men that God, "whom I serve" had sent a message to him.

** How can we use our storms as a witness to those around us?

To the unsaved, we can show them our trust, which can open their eyes to their need for Him as well. cf. Matthew 5:16

To the saved, we prove to be an example which builds up our brothers and sisters in their faith. cf. Philippians 1:12-14

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