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Trusting During the Storm - Part 3


27:11-12 - The majority decide to try and reach Phoenix, to spend the winter there.

27:20 - The storm is intense and they have abandoned all hope of survival.

27:27-34 - After fourteen days and nights in a storm-raged sea, they surmise that they are near land, and Paul encourages them to eat.

27:42-44 - After the shipwreck, the soldiers plan on killing the prisoners, but Paul has won the heart of the centurion and all "were brought safely to land".

28:1 - They land on Malta (lit. - a place of refuge/protection).

Back in chapter 27:

V.18 ** OK then, with that background understanding, look with me back at verse 18. How would you measure the intensity of this storm?

It was violent! cf. V.14 Euraquilo, Typhoon Euros (Gk)-Eastwind, Aquilo (Latin)-A Northwind, out of Asia Minor. (Crete's Elevation is 7000') Like our storms that throw us out of control!

** What were the men willing to give up, in order to save their lives?

The cargo. If getting rid of earthy goods would increase their chances for survival, they would
gladly "jettison" any attachment that they had to it.

** How would this value system serve to reduce the impact of our storms?

If we hold lightly to our earthly treasures, it will be of little consequence to us if we should loose them. The storms will draw us closer to the Lord and we will not care about any earthly loss.

V.19 ** What was next to go as the storm raged into its third day?

The ship's tackle! With their own hands they threw away the equipment needed to guide the ship. They were very desperate!

V.20 ** How did these sailors guide or navigate a ship in the open waters of the sea?

By the position of the sun, moon and stars.

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