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Chapter 22:1-3 - Paul gives his testimony to a Jewish crowd in the town of Jerusalem.

22:21-22 - The crowd has a violent response to his message and wants to take his life.

23:12 - After making his defense before the Council (Sanhedrin), the Jews plot to kill the apostle Paul by ambush.

23:22-26 - The Roman commander sends Paul, under protective custody, to the governor of that region, named Felix.

24:26-27 - Paul remains in prison for two years and frequently shares his faith with Felix. Then Festus succeeds Felix.

25:4 - Festus continues to protect Paul (Check the map in the back of your Bible)

25:7-12 - Paul appeals to Caesar.

25:24-27 - Festus tells King Agrippa that Paul is innocent. (This is King Agrippa the second, the son of Herod Agrippa who had John the Baptist beheaded in Mark 6:14-29. He ruled in the area from Caesarea Philippi to the north, down through Galilee, Samaria and all of Judea during the years of 52-70 AD).

26:1-32 - Paul's defense before King Agrippa

26:30-32 - Paul is found innocent, again.

27:1 - Our journey begins...

27:3 - First stop, Sidon. (Check the map in the back of your Bible)

27:5 - Next, Myra in Lycia

27:7 - On to Cnidus (ni-dus), then the Island of Crete via Salmone.

27:8 - Next came Fair Havens and the city of Lasea.

27:9-10 - Paul warns of the seasonal dangers of traveling through these waters. This is October 5th, the fast of Yom-Kopur.

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