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Trusting During the Storm - Part 2

HALF-HEARTED TRUST            Page 6
V.32 (cont'd.)

** What is different about the ending of this storm and the one that we saw last time?

Last time the Lord rebuked the wind and said to the sea, "Hush, be still". Here, He merely gets into the boat and because He was through teaching them this lesson, the wind stopped and the boat is transported to shore, all at the direction of His will.

V.33 ** What is the reaction of those who were in the boat throughout this amazing experience?

They worshipped Him! Remember, only God alone is worthy of our worship. These men all new that it would be blasphemy to worship a mere man.

** How is that response different from the one of the crowd who was fed the day before?

They wanted to take Jesus by force and make Him be their king so that He would heal their illnesses and provide the proverbial free lunch!

** To what conclusion does this bring the disciples?

"You are certainly God's Son!" This is true worship! Even the enemies of Christ knew that this meant equality with God. cf. John 5:18


** What were the five divine attributes of Jesus Christ that serve as reminders for us to always trust Him?

His divine; 1) Authority 2) Knowledge 3) Protection 4) Love and 5) Power.


** From those attributes, what would you say is the secret of continued obedience in the area of trusting the Lord?

We can always trust Him because of who He is, not because of who we are!

** What practice must be stopped in order to avoid the temptation to give up?

The practice of doubting!

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