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Trusting During the Storm - Part 2

HALF-HEARTED TRUST            Page 5

V.29 ** What is the loving response given to Peter by Jesus?

Come! Not only did Peter's love for Jesus compel him to ask for the impossible, but the divine love of Jesus Christ for His disciple granted it!

The love of God is always calling us to come to Him!
cf. 1John 4:10, 19; John 15:16; Matthew 11:28

** At this point Peter displays not only his love for Jesus, but has an amazing amount of trust in Him; what does he do?

He got out of the boat and "walked on water" toward his Lord.

V.30 ** Because of his trust in Jesus, Peter initializes this supernatural feat. But what causes his trust to become "Half-hearted Trust"?

He took his eyes off of Jesus, and looked around at the raging storm.

** Was Peter afraid when he got out of the boat and started to walk on the water, back in verse 29?

No, Matthew says he "became afraid" when he took his eyes off of the Lord.

V.31 ** How did Christ further manifest His divine love?

He "stretched out His hand and took hold of him"...

** Jesus now lovingly asks Peter a question designed to expose the number one enemy of trust, what is it?

Doubting! We must live our life as Christians with this constant reminder at our side, "Never doubt what the Lord can do for you"! All see - James 1:2-8


V.32 ** What miraculous event took place when Jesus got into their boat?

"...the wind stopped..."

Further, in John 6:21, the Holy Spirit adds that the boat was miraculously transported to their point of destination. They went from 3-4 miles out at sea to the shoreline in a moment.

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