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Trusting During the Storm - Part 2

HALF-HEARTED TRUST            Page 2

** Like last time, there has been a supernatural demonstration by the Lord just prior to this event taking place. Do you recall what that was?

Jesus fed the multitudes from just five loaves and two fish. Some twenty to twenty-five thousand people, when you include the women and children!


V.22 ** What took place "immediately" after the disciples had gathered up the twelve full baskets of left over food?

Jesus "made the disciples get into the boat, and go ahead of Him to the other side".

** Where is this "other side"?

They were to go to Capernaum. (cf. John 6:17,24 with Mark 6:45 - Bethsaida, a small fishing village outside of Capernaum)

cf. John 1:44 (Bethsaida) with Mark 1:29 (Capernaum)

** Why would Jesus have to use His divine authority and "make" the disciples leave?

After two years with Jesus, at this point, and after just witnessing the supernatural creation of food to feed so many, there was no way that the disciples wanted to leave the side of Jesus.

** Who else was to obey the authority of Jesus?

The multitudes! One ordinary man is not likely to disperse a crowd of some twenty-five thousand who liked getting free food and wanted to make Him their new king (even by force)!
cf. John 6:15

V.23 ** Even though Jesus Christ has all divine authority, what pattern does He give us to follow after He had sent the multitudes away?

"...He went up to the mountain by Himself to pray"

** What do you think He was praying about?

Perhaps; the welfare of His disciples, the lostness of the multitudes, the need for restored fellowship with His Father, or possibly just to avoid the temptation of becoming their king.
cf. Luke 4:6-8,13

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