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Trusting During the Storm - Part 1

THE ABSENCE OF TRUST            Page 2

The Absence of Trust


V.23 ** At this point in Matthew's account of the life of Jesus Christ, the "disciples" have heard the Sermon on the Mount, seen the supernatural healing powers of Jesus and even been given some examples of false disciples just moments before this event takes place.

** Let's begin with the proper understanding of the word "disciple". It is 'mathetes' in the Greek, and simply means a follower, learner or pupil. It does not carry any spiritual connotation and is used to describe four levels of individuals that followed Christ. They are:

1) The broadest group, which were the curious who followed Jesus for a while simply to find out what He was like. When Jesus called for a total commitment, many of His "disciples" were "not walking with Him anymore". cf. John 6:66

2) The second group was intellectually convinced of the divine power and message of Jesus, but had no relationship with God. cf. John 3:1-9

3) The third category was made up of those who truly believed, but were afraid to come forward and be counted as one who belonged to Christ. A good example would be Joseph of Arimathea who asked for permission to bury Jesus. cf. Matthew 27:57-58, John 19:38-39

4) And finally, the last group of "disciples" are those who were openly and permanently committed to Jesus Christ. cf. John 6:67-68, Matthew19:27

The crowd that was following Jesus that day was made up of individuals from all four groups.

** To their credit, what good thing did the disciples do when Jesus got into the boat?

They "followed Him". The one characteristic most notable of a true Christian is that we follow our Lord both in His lifestyle and instruction.

A parallel passage to this one in Matthew is Mark 4:35-41. In that passage we learn that the group following Jesus was big enough to occupy several boats. (Mark 4:36)

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