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Redeeming the Time - Part 3

FORGIVING SAINTS           Page 7


** How are you doing? Are you known as a "Forgiving Saint" by your brothers and sisters in Christ? Does the unsaved world around you see you as a kind and gracious person or one who bitterly seeks revenge?

Is it your pattern to receive even a large offense lightly and then quickly forgive? Or do you receive a light offense poorly and then fail to forgive?


** The application of today's study is abundantly obvious. If you are doing well with this area of your Christian life, then excel still more. While you are doing that, be sure to pray for those that you become aware of who might be entangled in this particular sin.

If however, you find yourself stuck in a pattern of unforgiveness, choose to repent now and ask God for the grace to show His mercy to your fellow slaves. Become the "Forgiving Saint" that He redeemed you to be.

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