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FORGIVING SAINTS            Page 5

V.29 ** What did the next slave in our story then do?

The same thing that the first one did. He fell down (this time out of genuine respect) and said, "Have patience with me and I will repay you".

** Was that a genuine statement? How long would one have to work to repay a debt of one hundred denarii?

Yes, it was very genuine. He could repay that debt in just three and one half months! A denarii was equal to one days pay.

V.30 ** How does the wicked slave respond to this offer?

He refuses to be gracious or compassionate and throws his fellow slave into prison. Again, if that seems deplorable to you, that is exactly what we are doing when we fail to forgive others!

V.31 ** Does the wicked slave get away with it?

No, other slaves see his actions and are deeply grieved, so they go and report it to the king. Here is another great example for us to follow: Should we become aware of a brother or sister who is harboring unforgiveness in their hearts, we should take it to our Father and ask Him to grant repentance to our brother. cf. 1John 5:16

V.32 ** What does the king do next?

He calls the wicked slave back before him.

** What was the motivation for the king to forgive the slave in the first place?

Simply because he asked! Very much a parallel with us asking the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive our sin and become the Lord and Savior of our lives.

V.33 ** The king now explains what is the only acceptable response to having been forgiven so great a debt. What is it?

"Should you not also have had mercy on your fellow slave, even as I had mercy on you?"

** Did you catch the connection between God showing mercy to us and the mercy that we show to others?

It is to be the same! (cf. James 2:13)

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