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Redeeming the Time - Part 5

FIVE SINNERS            Page 4

V. 4 ** How were the prudent bridesmaids different?

They each "took oil in flasks along with their lamps." Their outward profession was substantiated by an inward possession. They had the oil of preparedness, namely, the reality of the light of the saving grace of God within them.

The oil is similar to the "wedding garments" in Jesus' parable of the wedding feast that a king gave for his son. All see - Matthew 22:2-14 [V.11-12]

V. 5 ** What phrase does Jesus now use to reinforce the unexpected nature of His second coming?

"Now while the bridegroom was delaying..."
cf. Matthew 24:36, 42, 44, 50.

** What happened to the ten bridesmaids who were waiting for the bridegroom, when he did not come at the time that they had supposed he would?

"...they all got drowsy and began to sleep."

** Was this laziness on their part?

Absolutely not! Even the prudent got sleepy. As life goes on while we wait for the Lord, there will be those times that we will need to rest. The point is that we need to be prepared before we rest!

V. 6 ** What rather startling thing takes place, that wakes them from their sleep?

A great shout at midnight! At the time of our deepest sleep, the pronouncement is made, "Come out to meet him". In the same manner, those living at the end of the great Tribulation will have seen all the signs of His coming and will know that His appearing is imminent. But they will not know the moment of His arrival until the see Him "coming on the clouds of the sky". cf. Matthew 24:29-30

V. 7 ** What did the ten bridesmaids do when they heard the call?

They all got up and "trimmed their lamps [torches]" This was done to enhance their preparedness by cutting away the loose frays of cloth.

V. 8 ** What immediate problem develops for the five foolish virgins who had looked the same as the prudent only did not "possess the oil of eternal life"?

They could not keep their torches lit! So they asked for oil from the prudent virgins.

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