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Redeeming the Time - Part 2

FERTILE SOIL           Page 7


** What element of our life is the best indicator as to whether or not we are "Redeeming the Time"?

The amount of "fruit" that we are bringing forth to the glory of the Lord. This can be seen in both our actions and attitudes as we meet the challenges of everyday life in Christ.


** Am I "Fertile Soil" that is producing the fruit of God's work in my life? Do I see a change in my heart or am I merely going through the motions, hoping that religious activity will somehow make me more pleasing to God?

Please make a list of some of the attitudes and/or actions in your life that you know are the fruit God's gracious work. You need to see what He has done in your heart for His glory sake.


** Lord help me to display my "Fertile Soil" by applying all that you are teaching me each week.

Help me to redeem the time by spending more of it with You and my brothers and sisters of like precious faith.

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