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FERTILE SOIL            Page 5

V.21 ** Is this person now saved by the gospel of Christ?

No, even though we may want that person saved, their "joyous" response is only on the surface and tragically there is no root to the seed which has been "received".

** What causes the temporary "joy" and close walk with the Lord to disappear?

"...when affliction or persecution arise because of the word..."

** How fast does this type of individual fall away?

"Immediately"...the same speed in which he had received the Word with joy!

** Did this person loose their salvation?

No, they never knew Jesus Christ, but only followed a shallow and emotional impulse, until it proved to be too expensive.

Notice now, this is the second error made by the world.

2) They make personal comfort their god. When their trendy or superficial faith is tested by the heat of persecution, they are shown to be false.

V.22 ** For the third and final error made by the unbelieving world, let's look at the third "soil" type of person who hears God's word. What causes this guy to become "unfruitful"?

The thorns of life, which is the worry of the world and the deceitfulness of riches, chokes the Word. This person claims to be a Christian, but everything about his lifestyle is worldly. When his financial situation changes, he falls flat on his face.

** Why does money have such a negative impact on this want-a-be Christian?

Because he does not know that money is "deceitful". It promises security and a future, but in reality there is none based upon our financial resources.

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