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** Was this hostile rejection of the truth a surprise, or should we have known that it would take place?

The prophet Isaiah spoke of this response to the Messiah! All see - Isaiah 6:1-10 (9-10)

V.16 ** Now back in Matthew 13:16, how does Jesus describe His disciples (and us for that matter)?

They and we are blessed, because God has given us eyes that see and ears that hear His saving truth!

V.17 ** Was there anyone else who wanted to understand what we know today?

Absolutely, even the prophets of old, righteous men indeed, wanted to understand about the "mysteries of the kingdom of heaven" or the church age, and they did not get it.
cf. 1Peter 1:10-12

V.18 ** What does Jesus do now for His disciples that makes you really glad to be looking over the shoulder of Matthew as he pens his gospel?

He announces that He is going to explain the parable! There is nothing better than being taught by the Master, let's enjoy this together!

V.19 ** Taking the four soils, one at a time, what does Jesus say about the soil beside the road?

It is compared to someone who "hears the word of the kingdom, and does not understand it."

** Do you recall the main characteristic of this "soil"?

It was untilled and packed down. Hard enough to prevent any seeds that would fall on it from penetrating and taking root.

Here is error number one that the world makes which leads them into a lifestyle of wasted time.

1) People all around us harden their hearts to the things of God. When they hear His word it cannot take root because of their indifference towards Him.
cf. Exodus 8:15, 8:32, 9:34, 10:1, 2Corinthians 5:20

V.20 ** What is the initial response to the Word of God by the man represented by the "rocky soil"?

He "immediately receives it with "joy"!

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