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FERTILE SOIL            Page 3
V.4-8 (Cont'd.)

** How about the soil "among the thorns", what is its main characteristic?

It is preoccupied with weeds! cf. Genesis 3:17-18

** And finally, how would you describe the "good soil".

It is "good" because it is available, receptive and productive in that it "yielded a crop".

V. 9 ** What line of demarcation does Jesus draw in the sand?

"He who has ears, let him hear". cf. Matthew 11:15
It is not just that we have ears, but rather we have ears "to hear" the truth of God's Word.

V.10 ** How do the disciples respond to this method of teaching?

They do not understand the purpose of teaching the multitudes by parables if they are not all equipped with ears to hear.

V.11 ** What is the answer that Jesus gives to His disciples?

"To you it has been granted..." but "to them [as a whole] it has not been granted".

** Isn't that kind of harsh? Why is God choosing only some to hear and understand about the "mysteries of the kingdom of heaven" or the church age?

No! Not at all. God in His sovereign choice, calls His children into the body of Christ through the saving knowledge of the Gospel. Only those He has chosen can hear and respond. But the invitation goes out to all. cf.John 3:16, Ephesians1:4, 2Thessalonians 2:13

V.12 ** How does the Lord insure that His children will know and grow in the truth?

If you have the truth, "more" shall be given to you but if you fail to take hold of the truth, what you do have will be taken away. cf. 2Peter 3:18

V.13 ** Jesus now directly answers the disciples question, how would you put His answer into your own words?

"I speak to them in parables, because they do not truly want to see, hear or understand. They do not want to believe so as to be saved!"

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